Functional Behavior Assessment

SKACD Functional Behavior Assessment Process (Word Doc.)

Step 1: Identification


  • Identify student
  • Identify Problem behavior


Definition worksheet

Step 2: Information





  • Teacher Interview
  • Parent Interview

Teacher/Parent Interview


  • Student Interview

Student Interview


  • Rating Scales and Questionnaires
    • BASC 2
    • Functional Assessment Screening Tool
    • Motivation Assessment Scale
    • Social Skills Improvement Inventory (SSIS)







  • Record Review

Record Review Notes





  • Observation

ABC Chart


  • Baseline Data

Data Collection Guide

Step 3: Hypothesis


  • Review Problem Behavior Definition

Definition worksheet


  • Develop Hypothesis Statement

Competing Pathways

Step 4: Intervention Meeting


  • Develop Interventions from Hypothesis Statement

Build a PBSP

Social Validity


  • Develop Crisis Plan (if needed)

Escalation Cycle

Escalation Cycle Resource

Anger Mang. (Optional)

Step 5: Write Positive Behavior Support Plan


  • Complete PBSP

Example PBSP

Blank PBSP


  • Complete Fidelity Check

Fidelity checklist

Fidelity checklist (xls)

Fidelity Self assessment


  • Train staff on PBSP as needed


Step 6: Implement PBSP


  • Continue Data Collection
    • Monitor problem and replacement behavior
  • Review progress
  • Adjust PBSP as needed
  • Fade interventions as student reaches goals



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