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Board of Directors

2023-2024 SKACD Board Officers

President Vice-President Board Clerk Deputy Clerk Treasurer Deputy Treasurer
Jeff Hiers
(Dodge City)
Dori Hilker-Ridge
Leesa Sneath Judy Zapata Terie Julian Jennifer Rucker

SKACD Board Meeting Dates

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month commencing at 10:00 a.m. at the SKACD Central Office unless otherwise posted.
Specific meeting dates are listed on the SKACD calendar.
July 2023:  July 11th
Special Board Meeting: August 4th
August 2023: August 15th
Special Board Meeting: September 7th
September 2023: September 19th 
October 2023: October 10th 
November 2023: November 21st 
December 2023: December 19th 
January 2023: January 9th 
February 2024: February 13th 
March 2024: March 19th 
April 2024: April  9th 
May 2024: May 21st 
June 2024: June 18th 


SKACD Board of Directors’ Membership

2023-2024 Board Member Directory

SKACD Board Records

2023-2024 School Year - Board Materials
2022-2023 Records 2021-2022 Records 2020-2021 Records 2019-2020 Records

Board of Directors’ records are available for prior years.
Please contact the Board Clerk for asistance with obtaining copies of these materials.