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Emotional Support Team

SKACD believes that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a fundamental part of a holistic education.

We also believe that students who do not have appropriate social and emotional skills are at an elevated risk for displaying maladaptive and problem behavior. When students aren’t able to regulate their emotions and behavior, learning becomes more difficult.

The Emotional Support Team (EST) at SKACD provides a school-based team of mental health professionals to assist students (and teachers) in methods to better manage emotions. We provide direct mental health services to students with exceptionalities and we provide on-site training for their teachers and parents.  

The EST also provides evaluation and intervention supports for students with Autism. School-based Autism screenings are available through this team. A brochure outlining support available through the Autism Interdisciniplinary Team (AIT) is available here.

The Emotional Support Team maintains their own library with tools and resources to support students.

Spring 2024 CPI Registration: 

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For more information about the services offered by the Emotional Support Team, contact: