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Professional Development

Professional development is provided year-round to SKACD employees. Much of this training is organized and presented by members of the SKACD Professional Development Committee (PDC). PDC also awards “points” which can be used for teacher license renewals through KSDE. All employees are provided professional development at their assigned work locations (member districts) as well as training through SKACD (outlined on this page).

In combination with our special education instructional coaches, new teachers receive training during the entire school year, with topics targeted to align with the school calendar of events (such as preparing progress reports at each quarter).

Returning employees and other experienced staff also receive professional development throughout the course of the school year. Each academic department is provided monthly inservice specific to their professional needs. Special education teachers receive a full day of training each semester.

In addition, all employees have access to weekly afterschool training on Monday evenings.

Many of our training sessions are recorded so that employees may access those sessions on demand.

SKACD employees can access materials provided by our instructional coaches here. All of the resources below require an employee login to access.


2022-2023 Inservice Presentations

SKACD inservice recordings

Monday Night PD

Weekly inservice recordings

Archived Inservice Presentations

Previous years’ trainings


Conference/Workshop Request

For employees to request attendance at conference/workshop

SKACD Tutorial Videos

Short videos to help with common SPED tasks.

Southwest Plains PDC Portal

Certified employee training records

For questions related to SKACD’s professional development options, please contact: